If you are an experienced or successful Internet marketer, then please do not read on… This web site is dedicated to the 95% of those on the Internet who are struggling, trying to make a few sales. If you are an Internet Newbie, this web site is what you need to have a step-by-step blue print to move you to the next level.


If you can ‘Copy & Paste’ then you can create your own web site and learn how to generate Multiple Sources Income from the Internet every single month! Yes.. you can "Learn and Earn" at the same time and avoid spending thousands of dollars on all the tips and strategies that are only meant for the Experts.


Dear friend,

If you are still reading this message then I would like to welcome you to the 95% club. What is the 95% club? I believe that 95% of those trying to make money on the Internet are struggling to make a few sales. These are the people who are spending countless of hours and a heap of their hard-earned money on all the ebooks, software and resources trying to make some money on the Internet. They are spending much more than what they are earning! Does this sound familiar? Unfortunately the small group comprising of the other 5% minority are those who are tapping into the ‘Internet Wealth’ because they have all the right connections, and up to date information.

This web site is specially created for those who are searching for a step-by-step blueprint to get them from where they are now to where they wish to progress to. It is an accepted fact that most of the information available on the Internet are catered for the need of the minority group. If you are an Internet Newbie most of the information on Internet marketing would be of no use to you. No wonder these 5% are the ones making all the money on the Internet. Well, all this is about to change right now!

Again, may I remind you that if you are an Expert or Pro, please do not read any further! The information here is for the 95% who are new to Internet marketing and need a simple way to learn and earn at the same time… and guided by the hand.

How much are you willing to invest if you can get hold of a simple system that allows you to start learning and earning at the same time…starting immediately? A system that is guaranteed to work but will NOT create a ‘big hole’ in your pocket!

Imagine that you can start right now where you are with a step-by-step guide that will take you by the hand and guide you through all the phases of Online marketing. You need not go through all the frustration of failure and rejection again.

Yes, I know what you are thinking…sounds too good to be true?

Well, it isn’t if you have simple ‘bite size’ lessons that will guide you through the simple mechanics of choosing the right product, creating your own web site, generating traffic and follow up. In fact even if you do not know the basics of how to copy and paste… you’ll be able to do it within 30 seconds!

Think about it. This is absolutely the most important message that you’ll ever read that will save you thousand of dollars in the next few months.

Why should you listen to me?

My name is Richard Quek and I am a Chartered Accountant by profession and had been passionately involved with marketing on the Internet for the past 6 years. I am also a trainer and author of more than 10 books. These books are both in paperback copies and ebook version. The digital versions are promoted and marketed on the Internet from a computer in my bedroom.

Here are some of my latest books:

1. Cappuccino & Success – 101 short motivational stories to beat the blues and ‘Turn You On’, POSITIVELY!

2. The Insider Secrets To Network Marketing – Make or Break in your first 90 Days!

3. The Internet Money Machine – How to build your Super Digital Pipelines!

4. EXPOSED – 101 Proven Strategies to get more visitors to your web site in one day than most web sites get in a year!

5. ZOOM to Super Success – How to Copycat your way to Internet Success!

6. My Discount Vault - How to shop SMARTLY on the Internet and save on every future purchase!

I am running workshops and seminars on Internet marketing and have trained and inspired many Internet Newbies to success. Currently I’m charging a minimum of US$1,500.00 per person to attend my 3 days ‘Eye Popping’ and ‘Jaw Dropping’ TIMM Super Seminar.

The Internet Success Cycle

Through my personal experience I realized that success on the Internet involves being able to master the Internet Success Cycle. The Internet Success Cycle involves these 5 basic steps:

1. You need to identify the PRODUCT or SERVICE.

2. You need to have a WEB SITE.

3. You need to drive TRAFFIC to your web site

4. You need to FOLLOW UP effectively

5. You need to incorporate a simple to follow SYSTEM that will be able to generate income continuously within a short period of time.

Regardless of your level of experience these are the steps that you need to take to be able to succeed on the Internet. The problem is that most ebooks, software and resources cater for only one or two part of the above steps. The assumption made is that you know the rest. This is true for those who are experienced Internet marketers but will be of little use to newbies who consist of the majority of the 95% online.

Simply put, being able to have access to all the steps in the “Internet Success Cycle’ is CRITICAL to your ONLINE SUCCESS!

But getting all the information at one source is the hard part.....

It could take you years and can cost you a small fortune to figure out just the right combinations that works to make your Online business a BIG SUCCESS– while others fall flat on their face.

But instead of knocking yourself out trying to come up with just the right decision on what are the best resources that will assist you to SUCCEED on the Internet, you can now have the
‘Power Income System’ which is a simple e-course on how to get you from A to Z!


   "Power Income System"  E-Course

Learn & Earn SYSTEM   for Internet Newbies



At last! You now have the opportunity to own your own copy of the ‘Power Income System’ e-course. It’s yours… refer to it anytime you like and use it as your Internet marketing guide.

What this is not...

1. Dozens of rehashed ebooks that are freely available on the Internet.

2. Tips on search engine optimization. Let’s leave this technical stuff to the experts and let them compete among themselves using all the SEO strategies and software.

3. RSS and BLOGGS. I am sure as a newbie you would not want to be confused with all the technical jargons.

4. A membership site that offers software and ebooks that can be obtained for free on other sites.

5. Strategies and tips on Google AdWords and Pay Per Click search engines. Again let the experts compete among themselves for the cheapest and most relevant keywords.

6. Strategies on using Smart pages and ‘Doorway’ pages and other ‘Cloaking’ strategies to optimize your web site for search engine ranking.

7. Joint Venture strategies. If you are new consider…what are your chances of landing a joint venture with the Internet marketing elite groups?

8. Affiliate programs. If you do not have your own product, how do you start your own affiliate program? And how do you train your affiliates if you are a newbie?

9. Traffic strategies using the Start Page Exchange programs and Exit Exchange programs that are a waste of time.

10. Tips on writing a book in 14 days.

11. Some CDs and VCDs that will cost you a 'bomb', and are only targeted to those who are already making money on the Internet...no wonder they can afford such packages. Did you notice the groups that are earning the money (directly or indirectly) are only a handful. The majority are the consumers like you, paying for these expensive items.

12. Quick Get Rich Programs and programs that make false promises. There are many programs that claim that you do not need to put in any effort at all to earn Big $$$$. What a lot of BS! I am sure you heard of the saying, ‘There is no free lunch’.

Please understand that I am not trying to condemn the use of the above methods and strategies. Some of them are excellent! However, if you are NOT capable of creating a simple web site and uploading file; have a product to market; or even the simple basics of Unzipping files, all the above will be of no benefit to you. You just got to start with the basics!

Here are some of the
immediate benefits that you'll receive from the ‘Power Income System’ e-course:

1. You will learn what is the ‘Internet Success Cycle’?

2. You will lean the basics that you need to get started – including downloading files, Unzipping files, installing Adobe Acrobat Reader to read PDF documents, etc.

3. You will find out what are the best ways to generate income on the Internet. You will discover the products that are in high demand, and will generate continuous monthly income for you.

4. You will be taught how to create a simple web site. You will be provided with the software and templates.

5. You will be shown the process of registering a domain name via video tutorial.

6. You will learn how to point your DNS (Domain Name Server) and how to FTP (File Transfer Protocol)

7. You will learn how to write effective and compelling sales copy.

8. You will learn how to drive traffic to your web site. You’ll dive massive traffic to your web site immediately. You do not have to wait for weeks to get ‘trickles’ of visitors to your web site. Most of all you can set it up automatically.

9. You will learn how to follow up with your prospects and customers. You will be taught how to set up and use an autoresponder.

10. You will be taught how to pre-qualify your prospects and what is the best system to use. You will find out why you should not send your prospects to the web site that you are promoting without capturing your prospects details first.

11. You will be provided with a SYSTEM that will allow you to earn 13 monthly checks by promoting one single web site.

12. You'll be provided with simple video tutorials (10 lessons) to assist you with your learning experience.

To view a sample: CLICK HERE

13. Others …..

Wow, I only wish that I had this ‘Power Income System’ e-course available to me when I first started my Online business. It would save me years of learning and thousands of dollars.

But don’t take my word for it. Here is what people who have gone through the e-course ‘Power Income System’ are saying:

Hi Richard

I took some time today to check your new "Power Income System" and really loved it. I am getting many help requests from my subscribers, usually with the same questions every time, about how to do that and how to do this, and now after reviewing your step by step course, I sure know where to send them to get all the answers.


David Zohar
Unlimited Smart Autoresponder System

Hello Richard,

Well after over a year or more of following your products and advice I see that you have out done yourself again! The new Power Income System is just what the name says! It is
not often someone takes time enough to put something out that will help the new marketers that are coming online with information on how to get started. It seems everything these days leaves something out so that the marketer has to come back and buy, and buy some more.

But not with your new eCourse Power Income Systems! This is the one product that EVERY newbee needs before they start on their way to marketing and advertising any product online.

After being a publisher myself for over 5 years I still found your new eCourse something that I can use over and over again to keep my skills extra SHARP! Thank you Richard, This is a TRUE product that everyone should READ daily!

Damon Smith
Publisher,HaileysComet Weekly eZine

Hey Richard.

I almost cried after reading your Power Income System. If only you have offered this product when I was just starting out in my online endeavors, I could have saved myself countless hours of confusion and disappointment.

Many of the internet marketing e-books that I've devoured only provide information intended for those who already  have an online business. But your resource is entirely different. You revealed how anyone (and I mean anyone) could fulfill their dreams of starting and succeeding on the internet. You just provided a step-by-step, super-easy-to understand system that can tremendously help all the newbies to make money on the net.

The Power Income System is truly amazing! I highly recommend it!

Michael Lee
Author, "How To Be A Red Hot Persuasion Wizard"

To be honest... at first I thought.... "oh no, not another one...."


I was very pleasantly surprised!!!!!

Some people may criticize you for aiming it too low, but I think it's aimed just right at those who cannot get the basics rights, and without that basics, success is virtually impossible.

It's laid out in simple, easy to read, 'step-by-step' .. USER FRIENDLY format - which makes a big difference.

Many newbies fail because they don't know the basic and use the 'gun-ho' approach. Your e-course will help them.

Gary Durkin

Hi Richard,

I have just gone over your New Power Income system ecourse. What a WEALTH of information contained in this ecourse. There is a lot of information in this ecourse that we all had to learn at one point in time to get started on the internet. Man, if this ecourse was available when I first started 7 years ago, I would have saved myself a lot of headaches, time and PURE FRUSTRATION.

With Power Income System you have cut that learning curve time down considerably for any "newbie" that uses your step-by-step power income system.

"Kudos" for a well written and detailed system for newbies
wanting to get started on the internet. They will thank you!

Val Burnett
MBPAdvertising, LLP

" Your Home Business Advertising and Income Center"

I know that you’re probably still skeptical and a bit on the conservative side, but think about this – if you keep doing the same things over and over again – you’ll probably only succeed in getting the same results. That’s why I want to let you try out ‘Power Income System’ – completely and totally risk-free!
(I’ll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment)

You don’t know how much I wish I could have had all this valuable information when I first started out. You are fortunate to have this valuable resource at your disposal.  

Okay, so what’s the cost of this Incredible Resource?  

Well, realized that this e-course could easily sell for $197.00. In fact if you asked any top Internet marketers to produce this e-course for you, you’ll probably be charged in the neighborhood of $137.00 to $297.00. I am sure you know of CD and DVD sets that are sold for more than $1,000.00!

I currently charge a minimum of $1,500.00 per person to attend my 3 day TIMM Super Seminar. So at bare minimum you’re getting thousands and thousands of dollars worth of information and resources at your disposal.

But I’m not going to charge you anywhere near that amount or even my minimum project price. In fact, you total investment for ‘Power Income System’ - is ONLY $97.00. (I believe this is still too much for most of you? Please read on for my Limited Time Offer)

So what’s the catch? Why am I practically giving this resource away?

Well, it’ really quite simple. From my own personal experience I started my Internet marketing career on the wrong footing with no one to assist and advice me. I have invested thousands of dollars on tools and resources, most of which are not effective. I have learnt it the hard way – from the school of ‘hard knocks’. Therefore, I do not want you to wander through the same path. I want you to ‘learn and earn’ at the same time by applying the simple steps in this e-course.

To sweeten the offer here are …..FREE Bonuses for you when you ORDER NOW!

Well, I am NOT including any BONUSES here because you can probably get these for free on other sites. Furthermore if you are an Internet Newbie, it will just confuse you more. Sorry about that!

However, as an incentive to complete the e-course and implement the 'Power Income System' you will be receiving some valuable bonuses within the e-course, valued in excess of $300.00. HINT: you'll receive two of my e-books that is selling on my web site for $66.95.

100% Risk-Free Guarantee

Your satisfaction in using the e-course, ‘Power Income System’ is completely guaranteed. In fact, here’s my 100% Better-Than-Risk-Free-Take-It-To-The-Bank Guarantee:

I personally guarantee that you will cover the cost of this e-course within 90 days of applying the techniques laid out in the ‘Power Income System’.

If within 90 days, you honestly believe I haven’t delivered on this promise then let me know and I’ll issue you a prompt and courteous refund.

Is that fair or what?

That means you can learn from the e-course ‘Power Income System’ at my risk, while you see if it will work for you. And if they do not work for you or you think that it is a piece of ‘crap’, I honestly want you to ask for your money back.

There’s absolutely no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me. If you don’t produce the desired result using the strategies in the e-course then I’m the loser, not you.

Look at it this way - $97.00 is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money and time you’re going to save on the rehash ebooks, ineffective tools and resources that you’re going to purchase this year. That’s why…

You really Can’t Afford Not To Invest In The ‘Power Income System’ -


I have spent thousands of dollars on internet marketing products since I have been in business. I have read all of the gurus, but it wasn't until I met Richard that I really started making money.

For those of you that are brand new to the internet, you will find everything you need to start your business in Richard's course. When Richard says that all you need to know how to do is cut and paste, he means it. This course makes it so easy to get started that anyone can do it.

This is a step by step tutorial that will start you with the real basics. How to create files on your computer, ftp, build a website, and a whole lot more. If you follow the steps, in less than a month, you will have a complete business set up that will make you a whole lot of money.

Listen to Richard. He knows what he's doing. His ebook "Exposed", is, in my opinion, the marketing bible. I keep a copy of it on my desk, and I use it all the time. Just as I rated his ebook "Exposed" as the bible of internet marketing, I rate Power Income System as the ONLY WAY to start your business if you are new online.

Jinger Jarrett

Richard, when I first started out in the Internet Marketing scene, I did not have a clue where to start.

If only your ecourse was around then. I know it would have helped me and the thousands of other newbies like me at the time achieve online success sooner.

Your ecourse is incredible and definitely one I would have no hesitation in recommending to anyone in search of a clear, concise, step by step guide on how to make money online. Well done :)

Mason Ramm
Publisher, Little Known Money Makers Ezine

I recommend this e-course to anyone looking to improve their computer and website building skills. Richard has packed some really great tutorials in here. These are fantastic for the many people online today who don't have a large budget to hire programmers and need to do things themselves. I wish I'd had these years ago when I started. Don't hesitate on getting this one.

Jeremy Gislason

Finally! An e-course that newbies can really sink their teeth into to show them the step-by-step formula for successful internet marketing. You use an easy-to-follow style of writing that anyone can follow.

Next time I am approached to answer the many questions that need answering by newbies, I will be directing them to your informative e-course Richard. Well done.

Kind regards
Eva Browne-Paterson




Here is my limited time OFFER.


For the next 500 orders that I received I’m giving a further discount of $50.00 That’s right you’ll only need to pay $47.00 instead of the announced $97.00. That’s an immediate saving of $50.00.

There’s only one small catch. This offer is only limited to the next 500 orders. I cannot guarantee you how long these 500 units will remain. After that the price will revert back to $97.00. I’m sorry if you miss out…so hurry!

Get ready to start you BASIC Internet Lessons. (25 lessons)

So if you are ready to start your new learning experience here is what you need to do.



(check the box for your Instant Rebate, then click "Order Now")

 Give me my $50.00 Instant Cash Back Rebate.

YES! I would like immediate access to the ‘Power Income System’ - Learn & Earn System for Internet Newbies! e-course, so that I can start learning the basics of Internet marketing and earning 13 monthly checks at the same time.

I understand that I'll receive the e-course within the next 5 minutes. 

I also understand that I am entitled to the promotional price of US$47.00 and that my purchase is subject to a 90 days 100% Unconditional Money Back Guarantee.


To Get Your Copy Of The

"Power Income System"


Click Below


(It does not matter if it is 2.00am in the morning)

Please do not miss this offer. This is not a sales gimmick at all. Here are some of the important issues you need to consider if you do not place your order now:

1. You’ll probably miss out on the $50.00 rebate.

2. You’ll never know what are the 25 lessons in the ‘Power Income System’ that can boost your knowledge, confidence and income.

3. Do you realize that your competitors who have this e-course will have the cutting-edged?

4. You’ll be doing the same thing and using the same ineffective marketing strategies that you had been implementing. Imagine the frustration and the amount of money that you could save this year if you have the right information.

I know that you are a person of wisdom and will make the right decision!

Thanks for your precious time and may I take this opportunity to wish you meaning in your life.


Richard Quek

P.S. Just think! You’ll never again have to suffer through the pain and hassle of having to struggle to decide on what is the best product to market and to make a few sales.

P.P.S. You get all the 25 lessons for a mere $47.00. Imagine.. that works out to only $1.88 per lesson.

P.P.P.S You will have the opportunity to take part in a SYSTEM that will deposit 13 monthly checks into your bank account. All you need is ONLY 30 minutes a day!

P.P.P.P.S You have my 100% ‘Iron Clad’ money back guarantee.

More Testimonials

Hi Richard,

Thank you for asking me to review your latest initiative. Having looked through it I can say the following:

It's like an answer to a prayer! I have spent ages trying to find all the information and skills needed to run an internet biz. Your PIS Learn & Earn System is a masterpiece - it has all the relevant information and skills building required, all set out in easy step by step process and in a very user-friendly format.


I come from a legal/training/psychotherapy background and work as a consultant and can truly appreciate how thoughtfully and generously you have put together this package. It has everything any internet newbie needs to set up easily and get going. I am really amazed at all the valuable information you have so generously included that would take a person several different courses to learn and cost a small fortune in the process. I'm doing a 15-week web-design course which you provide in one comprehensive package that anybody can just read and apply instantly. BEST INVESTMENT OF THE YEAR. MAGIC!!! Many thanks!!



Richard has done it again with this ecourse ! This time round, he's back to the basics. If you are one of those who know next-to-nothing about computers and the internet, who know nothing nor heard about DNS, FTP, and other internet stuff but yet dream of making decent income on the internet, you now have two choices. Carry on dreaming or sign up for Richard's ecourse. His step-by-step guide will show you the basics, right from the simple step of creating a folder on your computer to the advance level of internet marketing, traffic generation and the use of autoresponders. Lots of screen capture to show you how it's being done. The next best thing short of having Richard physically by your side holding your hand to guide through your internet venture.

Wesley Goh
Perth, Western Australia





Hi Richard,


Wow ... this is most probably the Best eCourse for any newbies (and non-newbies too). You have generously share your many years of online marketing experience in these lessons.

I really must say that I too, have also learn quite a lot of new things from this course. Such a small investment for such a vast amount of knowledge.

Now with your eCourse, newbies can quickly learn and earn new sources of online income in record time.




If you've ever wondered how to get started on the Internet making money, and asked yourself 'how do THEY do it', then you owe it to yourself to take a look at Richard's course.

With it, you can apply the education you gained to open your own money-making site, or tell someone knowledgeably how to set it up quicker and easier. Either way, you'll save money!

David Pankhurst, BigBizBlog



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